ThingLogix Foundry for Smart Buildings with AWS and Xenon


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This two-day workshop will walk you through a complete Smart Building IoT solution built using 100% AWS serverless resources and ThingLogix Foundry. The course will center around connecting a complete home management system to AWS IoT, including smart locks, temperatures sensors, moisture sensors, and CO2 detection.

What we’ll do

ThingLogix is a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, solution components, and services. workshop

Where we’ll be

East Village Long Beach, CA United States

What I’ll provide



This course is an event for IoT solution developers to connect directly with our team to learn how ThingLogix and AWS teams build, deploy, and run applications without the need to provision, scale, and manage servers. This course covers both business and technical aspects of an IoT solution, so there is content for all roles.

Flexible cancellation policy

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Guest requirements

Casual Dressing

About your host

ThingLogix Organizer of ThingLogix Foundry for Smart Buildings with AWS and Xenon


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