Root & Bone

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Chef Jeff McInnis, and his partner and Chef de Cuisine Janine Booth,

have laid down new roots in New York City and set out on a new path. A revival of Southern, rural American cooking & culture.

“I’m a country boy at heart and my food will always have that foundation,”says McInnis,”but there are so many other influences that I’m interested in exploring and showcasing. We were blessed with phenomenal success of our past restaurants and such an open-armed reception to the kind of food I grew up with as a kid.”

With a hyper focus on a regional, righteous, garden-to-table experience, McInnis and Booth consciously source local ingredients from foragers, fishermen, farms and specialty purveyors who share their passion for producing only the highest quality seasonal products.

root & bone is a casual yet elevated experience, taking guests on a journey through the timeless tastes and traditions of Southern, small-town America, guided by McInnis and his exceptionally talented partner Janine Booth.