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The Helix guitar processor is a powerful rig solution that allows guitarists to create all the tones they desire. Take a deep dive into Helix to learn about how to set up and use multi-amp rigs, creating tones from scratch, connecting to a console or amp, create footswitch assignments, add effects and how their placement affects tone and much more!

Learn Helix functionality to create guitar tones – from simple to complex
A deep dive into tone creation with crowd participation
Advanced signal routing tips & tricks

Line 6 Product Specialists will use the Helix Floor Processor to examine these concepts in amazing detail. Learn how to get the most from Helix family products by attending this free Helix Sessions workshop.

What we’ll do

Organizer of Helix Sessions – Sam Ash Torrance

Where we’ll be

Sam Ash Music Stores 19800 Hawthorne Boulevard Torrance, CA 90503 United States

What I’ll provide

Organizer of Helix Sessions – Sam Ash Torrance


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Casual Dressing

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Helix Sessions by Line 6


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